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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A quick refit

So, you'll notice that I changed around the look of this blog a bit, to match my page a little more, which, you know, is just the professional thing to do. And also, I gave the blog the title, Good Work, which I'm not totally crazy about, but it'll do until I can think of something else. And also, I think I'm dropping the pirate diction thing: when Vanity Fair starts doing it, you know it's over. Do you think VF has a MySpace page? *shudder*

In other news, I'm wary of the 'over-animation' quality some artists and animators get from constant life drawing: everything becomes a series of gummy swoops and circles, with no real weight anymore. Having said all that, Celia Calle manages to avoid this, and what's more, she rocks my world down to a tiny little nub.

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