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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Drawger is Coolger

I was just turned on to Drawger yesterday, which seems very cool and very strange at the same time. It's got all these cool artists, and seems to be a (closed gate) community of cool illustration. But what's up with that site design? I'm no information architech, but it seems really unintutive to me. Maybe it's foreign. Like those brightly colored backpacks all Italians seem to love. What's up with those things?

Regardless, I found my new favorite artist on Drawger, Mark S. Fisher. As with a lot of artists, his 'official portfolio stuff' is pretty OK, but it's his random stream-of-conscious doodles that really make my synapses pop.


Kevin O said...

Simple American! You will never fully grasp the exotic and enigmatic grace of what you call the "foreign" web-design aesthetic.

What you call "counterintuitive" is actually "uberintuitive" to the jet-set eurotrash intellect!

Nor will you ever truly appreciate the subtle yet stunning beauty of a tiny, brightly colored backpack, flashing in the rays of the late afternoon sun, as a young Italian peasant girl makes her way across the dusty cobblestones of the Piazza Navona in Rome, on her way to buy a sweet pair of dangly pink earrings from a humble street merchant.

Mark said...

Thanks Joe for the positive view of the sketchbook doodles and the link to Drawger.