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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So I just registered

Somebody else already took .com, but it's not really the commercial venture I'm after anyway, and what I have in mind is definitley not an .org, so I think it's the right fit.

ComicCast was the word David Adams and I tossed around when I was describing the moving comic/animation thing that has been floating around in my head for years, ever since I saw webcomix and witnessed what a waste most were. Luckily, all this coincides with my affiliation to Clickwheel, so, hey it's all good. If you Google comiccast, my placeholder site for the Robot Revolution webcomic comes up first. Sweet. T Campbell's also mentioned the idea and word, but hell, I'll make space for a fella like that.

More later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Message in a Bottle

I thought I'd note that I haven't advertised this blog at all, because I'm still waiting to officially launch my new site, which this is a part of, with an email blast and everything. So for all intents and purposes, I assumed at this point it was straight-up navel gazing, which I'm very good at. So I'm suprised any comments are on here at all. Thanks for looking, kids.

On another topic, I've decided I want to start sending letters again. I dunno: the more high-tech I get, the more I miss the old stuff. So I want to start a group of people I send letters back and forth with. And I'm not talking "I-am-fine" type of letters: I'm talking real-life Jeffersonian letters that go on for pages about the heavy subjects, waxing philosophic, like a travelling treatise on life. Then when we're old, someone will publish them all together and remark how insightful we were whne we were young in the preface, and we'll be regarded as visionaries on our deathbeds. And matbe we can get a statue or two of it in the process. Email me if you're interested, it'll be a blast.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The mermaids rejoice

My old Rat City Rollergirls poster is one the few of theirs that have actually sold out. I only found out because some guy just contacted me literally begging for another copy. I hate to be cruel, but Limited Edition means Limited Edition. But it's still flattering.