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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sketchblog 6/21/07

Some of the stuff that's been sucking my time away from this blog lately: a few illustrations for a text book, geared towards Middle Schoolers. I was called because they wanted "edgy". Heh. I find the whole event a little odd. The images in my textbooks in school always entranced me more than the text or, god forbid, the actual lessons, and probably influenced me in ways I can't comprehend. To be making the images for a new crop of young minds to perhaps be influenced by - well, the whole thing reeks a little too much of the Circle of Life, if you ask me.


Casey said...

I know exactly what you are talking about with what influenced you from your text books. I was the same way.

what company are you doing this for?

Casey said...

I know exacty what you are talking about, I was also influenced more by the images than the texts and information.

What company are you doing the work for?