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Friday, December 15, 2006

Sketchblog 12/15/06

Back at it after a brief visit back to Beantown. Great to see everyone back home. Ups and downs, strikes and gutters. You know how it goes.

Today's sketchblog date is a little disingenuous, because I actually did this work back in October, but I'm, busy working on Episode Three, and while it's not ready yet, I wanted to put something up on here. Consider this the first entry - over the past three months, I've had three (!) gigs in which I was hired to draw robots - in what is the clearest sign that I am becoming "That Robot Guy". *sigh*

Blue Flavor wanted a cool, accessible spokesman for it's work, and because of their heavy expterise in the web and usability, a robot seemed like a great idea. Their sloagna was 'We Speak People', and the notion of that coming out of a robots mouth struck everyone as humorous. On top of that, they're all comic book nerds at heart (aren't we all?), and so the possibility of using comic art to appeal to their clients excited both of us. Below is some intial sketches, finishing off with the finals they went for. I'll be doing an actual comic for them later, too. Dude! Comics for money! Sweet!

Oh, and Rebholz, this post is for you, sucka.

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DdK said...

Love the robots!! (But then again, I'm partial to robots)

Joe Alterio said...

Who isn't?