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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In the spirit of the season

I kvetch a lot about my desire to see more of my work in print and all that, but in the grand scheme of things, I have a lot of things to be really grateful for. One thing that I've been especially grateful for is the beauty of "The Inter-web", and that it's allowed me to come in contact and make friends with a whole host of people that share my sensibilty. I'll try and post more about these folks in the coming weeks; one of these people is Colin White.

I've been wanted to blog on Colin for a while, because I consider link love on this blog to be one of the sincerest forms of flattery, and I really admire what Colin does. Not only does he have a great eye for presenting specific pieces of scenes that set a tone (admittedly the type of stuff I tried to do in 365), but he's also got a simplicity of line that I wish I could capture: he doesn't obsess over tiny details, and his gesture-like work is as strong and evocative as some of the most manically detailed stuff I've seen.

He can do introspective stuff, experimental stuff, and just good gag strips, too. He's a great talent. He also produces so much, so well, so quickly , he kinda pisses me off. Oh well.

Look for something Colin and I will be collaborating on some time this next year. Yeah!

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colin said...

Hmm... I suppose it would be lame to be the first (and only?) person to make a comment... but all I really want to say is big thanks for the lovely post on my work. It's been good getting to know you this year as well, and I'll return the link love someday in the future when people actually read my blog.