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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Master Pilot

On our little trip last week, I had the opportunity to stop by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Western Mass. with Molly and Mom, and I was once again blown away. There's a tendency of 'artists' - and I use that term very loosely here - to look down on their nose at illustration, and the granddaddy of illustrators everywhere, Rockwell. And while I usually parse my words and try not to offend, this time, I just can't help it - these people are idiots. Yes, he's preachy and treacly and sentimental and old ladies have his prints on their fridge magnets. But anyone - anyone - that claims they admire art and it's subsequent necessary mastery of things like draftsmanship, composition, gesture, and color use, and then says they aren't blown away by Norman Rockwell are either total numbskulls, or have their heads so far up their art asses that they can see their own artsy fartsy tonsils. That's just the way it is, sorry.

These are most likely the same folks who also think this is really, really cool. Once again, these people are very, very stupid.

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EZ said...

That's a lot of loot for some cloth.