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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Whitest Boy! Golden Cage! by Geoff McFetridge

I've been invited to work towards a solo show, my first, which is super exciting, but also weirds me out a bit: I have been nothing if not a bit mercenary my whole professional life: I am much comfortable with the term "illustrator" than "artist".

I asked my colleague Eric Fredericksen if he had any advice in bridging this hard psychological gap: there's nothing worse that seeing a wonderful cartoonist or illustrator get into an art gallery and screw everything up by trying "art" up what they do, ruining what made their original work so charming. Eric recommended Geoff McFetridge's work at Olympic Sculpture Park as a good barometer, and I Googled him and got this video.

I love it so much.

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Tim said...

Yeah, this video is great, I love the perpetual arm-chopping towards the end.