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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New work

Just quick note to update you of some of my most recent projects:

The first is the aforementioned skatedeck I worked on for a show at Space Gallery a few weeks ago. Tim Lillis of Narwhal Creative and I both created a deck, and they both rule: I think mine is about halfway there in terms of what was in my head versus what actually came out, but my next piece in this same scheme will be farther along, I think. Also, Jesse, of Subhead Grip provided some incredible griptape work that really took the piece to the next level, so thanks to him for all his help. More here.

The second is something I mentioned before, but I actually received the cardpack that I created for the Ignite agency, and they're great: nice printing, excellent stock, beautiful packaging. It's always nice to see your work in physical form, too.

And lastly, more damn Robots and Monsters. As usual.

*UPDATE*: We got blogged by Brainiac again. Sweet!

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