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Saturday, May 12, 2007


I love maps. I love 'em. When the rest of family was busy arguing over who gave gramma too much to drink, I would be content on family vacations to pore over the maps of our destinations. Besides the information provided, they just are cool aesthetically. The infomation is arrayed is a visual pattern they we've all subliminally agreed upon: this dotted line means 'county line', this star means 'capital'. It's a nearly perfect intrepetation of what I'm always harping about, namely, using pictures and words in conjuction. And that certain blue they use for water is always a constant, isn't it? They have a swatch for that thing? "Cartographical azul"?

So I got maps on the brain this Saturday morning, and in that vein, a hermenautic group I'm a part of pointed me to this outstanding blog: pages and pages and pages of weird ass maps. And then, of course, there's my friend Francesca Berrini's reconfigured map art, an example of which is above, which is some of the best damn map art of the planet.

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