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Monday, February 12, 2007

Seoul Int'l Cartoon and Animation Festival

I woke up today to find this sitting in my inbox:

Dear Mr. Joe Alterio,

This is Hong Lee, Curator of Digital, Round Two: Comics in the Second Coming of Digital Era, a sub-event of 11th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival.

I have found your wonderful iPod comic titled The Basic Virus through, and we thought we *must* show it in our exhibition. Digital, Round Two is an endeavor to explore new comic language in a developing stage, especially on portable and interactive devices such as iPod, Playstation Portable, and Nintendo DS.

We think your Basic Virus as an exemplary work that demonstrates some highly new operability for comic narrative. For example, your horizontal or vertical panning sequence operated by click wheel may shed light on new tangible dimension in unfolding a comic narrative. In the same manner, we have also found sequence of fading out and panels rotated 90-degrees as the strong account for your creative and successful use of iPod.


So I'm totally gonna do it, and see if I can fly out there to attend. Dude, I'm HUGE in Korea.


Kevin O said...

That's amazing - congratulations.

You are the future, dude. Asian folks are always way ahead of the curve on these things.

Matt said...

Congrats, man. This is the Big Time. On a related note, I saw a video last night for a really horrible "New Wave" song called "Big in Japan." The refrain was, I believe, "Are You Big in Japan?" Was this a double entendre suggesting that the Japanese are smaller than other nationals? Anyhow, "Are you Big in Korea" doesn't really have the same ring, but I think it's cooler. The video was horrible.

Mikey said...


Gina said...

Well well well. my brothers a G.D. international CELEBRITY! So, when you make it really big, please dont turn into one of these ridiculous people and:
a.) shave your own head (again)
b.) try to start a rap career,
c.) showcase your "triple threat" tapping, singing and acting on a reality show
d.) take trimspa then OD on prescription drugs and try play it off like you were sober your whole life.
and lastly
e.) change your name to just one word like Sting.

besides those terms and conditions, CONGRATU-FUCKIN-LATIONS! :)

Marie Frenette said...

Hehe... well, I'm living in Korea and you're not big yet, but you could be! Congrats. Korea is really a leader in information technologies, so you should consider it a great honor to recieve that offer!!