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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Duck Tales

My comics and illustration, when they're accused of any thing, have been accused of being very 'masculine': primarly colors, strong outlines, heroic poses, to say nothing of the content. I'm OK with that - hell, I'm a guy -, but it doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the effort of the fairer of the species. Frankly, a woman's perspective is exactly what I think the world of comics needs more of. A lot more.

I grew up in relatively typical New England town, and I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of great people, one of which was the House of Guerra. Five kids in all, I became close with the two oldest of the Guerra family, but the entire family posesses a natural talent and easy way with creativty that makes the question of Nature vs. Nuture even muddier.

I didn't really know Lynn growing up, as is the case with the younger siblings of friends, but in the past year, I've found out that Lynn makes great DIY comics. Below is her first offering, and like I mentioned above, the comics have a feminine sensibility (the pacing alone is something I wish I had the patience to dream up), as well as her excellent draftsmanship, with, and I think this another really cool part, a ballpoint pen. It reminds me of dooding of science class, and hence reminds me high school, and then on top of that, the content, well, the whole thing just leaves me all gushy. Enjoy.

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