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Saturday, July 08, 2006

What be this RSS? Some kind of sea beast?

A few cool things:

I've RSS enabled The Basic Virus site, and added a link to this blog. I've also started to put the robot stuff on Clickwheel, which should hopefully get some more readers into it....this is all just a build up to the next big piece of news...

I've been invited to speak at the San Diego Comic-Con, arguably, the biggest, baddest collection of nerds like me on the planet, with a nice smaterring of Hollywood and NYC publishing people too, so it's a huge deal.

From the site:

"2:00-3:00 Clickwheel: Comics for Your iPod— It seems iPods are everywhere these days. They may be known for playing tunes, but did you know you can get comics for your iPod as well? Clickwheel’s Tim Demeter (Reckless Life), Chad Diez (Today: The Comic), and Joe Alterio (365) are a few of the creators pushing comics from the racks to the iTunes music store, and beyond. Join them for a discussion about the possibilities of comics for handheld media, digital delivery, and where to find comics for your shiny new gadgets. Room 1A"

If you get a chance or live in the area, or you're one of the loyal nerds that makes the annual trek, be sure to stop by and see me blabber on.



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