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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Weak Hull

I know, I know. It's not up yet. All I can I say is, soon. Actually, that's the drive on this post.

I was looking for background elements for the comic tonight, and I stumbled across Kazu's Bolt City comic site and blog ( I had a passing knowledge of his comic, Copper, because it got a nod by Comixpedia last year as one of the 25 web comix to watch. He has a clean, light style, keeps his subject matter light, and has a great color sense and pallate. He colors like the old Mobius strips, in a way. He's a good artist, and he creates entertaining comics.

And I suddenly got very depressed.

I'm taking this blog in a different tone alluvasudden by getting a little personal here, but I can't help it. This really put me down. I don't even know what it was about the site, but the fact he's my age, he also went to film school, and he makes his living making great looking comics and showing off at ComicCons while I toil away in obscurity put a bit of a burr in my side.

Molly, my ever-present voice of reason, is right, or course. I don't know his story or responsibilites, I can't compare our situations, and everyone works at their own pace. She pointed out that I'm probably in the top 5% of comic artists that make regular money off my work. She's right of course. She's always right.

But I can't shake that sinking feeling of impending worthlessness. It makes every beer taste bitter and every nice spring day seem like another day wasted. All in the quest to...what...immortality?

All I can do is think of Henri Matisse's last words: "My only regret is that I never learned to draw."

And the robots, I promise, are coming. Hopefully this weekend.


Kevin O said...

Schnell! Schnell!

...Is someone periodically coming by your apartment, pounding on the door, and demanding that you hurry up with the goddamn robot comics?

Don't get me wrong - I admire your work ethic, but springtime is springtime. Spring days are wasted by staying in, not by going out to toss a frisbee around.

Zoey said...

Joe-for some reason you crossed my mind today-here I am sitting somewhere 8,000 miles away. so I thought I'd mosey on over to your site.
Dude-you are one of the most diciplined artists I know-you are so commited to your work, and what you do is amazing! really, amazing. listen to Molly, she knows you best and she is always right. :)

Scott M. said...

It's all relative. Kazu is a very good artist, he deserves to enjoy success from it, as do you. I was actually just browsing your portfolio and resume after surfing over from Clickwheel, where I just started posting my first webcomic, and I was feeling like an underachiever compared to your work just as you were with Kazu's. Just do the best work you can do and stick with it when the self-doubt creeps in.. it is the enemy.